The Eating Disorders Foundation Inc (EDF) delivers a unique service, providing support and information to those affected by eating disorders and advocating for the needs of this population group whose illnesses are often misunderstood and trivialized.

The Foundation employs qualified staff with expertise in eating disorders to run programmes to assist in recovery and provide vital links between hospitals, patients, family, schools and community.

We help people with eating disorders to restart their lives, strengthening connections with families and friends, furthering opportunities in education, employment and recreation, as well as developing their personal resilience and coping skills.


The Eating Disorders Foundation appoints Christine Morgan Chief Executive Officer

The Eating Disorders Foundation (EDF) announces the appointment of new CEO Christine Morgan, effective 1st July, as part of the 2008 growth strategy implemented for the foundation. Ms. Morgan will report directly to EDF president Gavin Partridge.

Ms. Morgan will be responsible for leading the group’s impending growth activity and will direct all marketing and fundraising activity, finance, HR management, category research plus evolution of the foundation’s IT/ Technology platform to further enable on-line counselling and a more accessible support service.

“In appointing Christine as a full time CEO, EDF signals its dedication to expanding the level of its unique service over the next three years. Our role fills a gap in the current health system by providing expert advice and counselling for those affected by eating disorders and illness. Christine is uniquely qualified to spearhead our exciting expansion plans. Her expertise in strategic planning and management, fundraising and community relations will enable EDF to further extend service reach to sufferers in metropolitan and rural NSW” states Gavin Partridge, EDF President.

“I am excited by this opportunity to work with Gavin, the Board, the founder and the staff of EDF to continue to build community and government awareness of the significant and costly impact of eating disorders and to offer support to those affected. There is so much that can and needs to be done and so many to reach” commented Christine Morgan.

Ms. Morgan brings to this newly created position over 20 years of management experience. She was most recently General Manager of Wesley Corporate Services responsible for community relations, HR services, policy development and legal resources. Ms Morgan’s extensive career includes work with Telstra Corporation, Australand Holdings and Australian Consolidated Investments. She holds committee memberships with Wesley Mission Management Committee and the NSW Premier Department’s ‘Lucy’ Mentoring Program Office for Women

EDF wishes to thank out-going CEO Amanda Jordan for all her endeavors which have helped bring the Foundation to its current position. As the Founder, Amanda will continue to work closely with the new CEO on key strategic issues, in a consultancy role.

EDF delivers a service that provides support and information to those affected by eating disorders and advocating for the needs of this population group. By offering advice at two stages, EDF aims to prevent the slide into the illness through early intervention while also supporting recovery for sufferers and their families and preventing relapse.

Current research shows approximately 480,000 people suffer from an eating disorder in NSW alone.

Gavin Partridge
Eating Disorders Foundation Inc.


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