Halitosis: Why You Need the Help of a Periodontist

Halitosis or bad breath is one of the most unnerving dental conditions a person can have. While it is considered as a minor issue with a simple solution, its impact on your life can be just as devastating as that of a chronic oral disease. Imagine failing a job application or losing an important client just because you were given a markdown for having a bad breath. Not only will it cost you the opportunity of a lifetime, but it might also drain away what is left of your self-esteem.

Simply put, halitosis should not be taken lightly. When the signs start showing up, deal with it right away before it develops into something permanent. And since halitosis is usually considered as a symptom of a more serious dental condition, it is all the more important to diagnose and treat it properly and immediately.

Causes of Halitosis

Everyone experiences having a bad breath from time to time. This is mainly due to the millions of bacteria growing naturally in the mouth. Bacteria grow more rapidly when there’s foodstuff left on the teeth. Thanks to the saliva, these bacteria are constantly washed down, reducing the unpleasant smell that your mouth exudes.

Have you ever wondered why your breath stinks in the morning as you wake up? That’s because the mouth produces less saliva when you’re asleep than when you’re awake. Meaning, there’s less saliva to keep the population of bacteria in check. However, this constant natural changes in the mouth isn’t always the cause of bad breath. Some practices and medical conditions can trigger spoiling, too.

For instance, infection in the mouth, such as tooth decay and periodontitis, gives off rotten and metallic smell. The foul odour of bacteria is increased by the smell of decomposing enamel and soft gum tissues. Respiratory tract infections are also key sources of bad breath as they occur right along the air passage.

Your diet also plays a major role in the smell of your breath. If you eat too much strong-smelling foods such onion and garlic, your mouth will acquire a funky smell, which is not very pleasant. Cigarette smoking is also a known cause of this condition. The smell of tobacco is so strong it won’t go away quickly by mere brushing.

Prevention and Cure

Knowing that halitosis is caused mainly by bacteria build-up, its treatment is centred on reducing and preventing the growth of bacteria. Brushing with fluoride-rich tooth paste is one of the most common solution. Fluoride kills bacteria and makes the mouth feel and smell fresh. Flossing, on the other hand, removes foodstuff stuck in the areas of the teeth that the brush cannot access. Keeping the teeth clean and buffered with fluoride prevents the formation of plaque, which activates infection.

If the cause of halitosis is an existing oral disease, it will only disappear once the disease is cured. This is why it is crucial to go to a dentist if you are looking for the most effective remedy for your bad breath. If your bad breath is caused by gum disease, your best option is to visit a periodontist, a dentist specialising in periodontics.

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